INTERACTIVE: Religious affiliation of Missouri’s Congress members

Click the colored regions below to see the religious affiliation of Missouri's congressional representatives.


5 Responses to “INTERACTIVE: Religious affiliation of Missouri’s Congress members”

  1. Betsy Murphy

    Wow – that map sure turns the stereotypes on their heads! Everyone “knows” that southern Missouri is Baptist heavy while the northern half of the state is more likely to be mainline Protestant. You’ve got to show me how you made this map, Kellie!

  2. Kellie Kotraba

    Glad you like it, Betsy! As for how it’s made, Andrew Gibson, one of the j-school students on the FAVS team, is the mastermind behind it. (And there’s plenty more where that came from …) He’s going to work on a “how-to” guide for me – if you’re really interested, I’m sure we could work out a time to do some training.

    – Editor Kellie

  3. Rick Gressman

    @Kellie–apparently the church preference of Congress members does not strictly follow the general population. South Missouri IS majority Baptist. See

  4. Kellie Kotraba


    Thanks for sharing that other map – that’s a great resource! It could be interesting to do a map about the difference demonstrated in these maps (reps vs. people at large), if we get another graphics reporter.

  5. Rick

    Correction: that “@” was for Betsy Murphy.


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