POLL: Do you dress up your pets for the holidays?


Do you dress up your pets for the holidays? 

Is your kitty “Santa Claws”? Does your dog wear reindeer antlers? Or maybe your pets put on a Nativity play. In any case, we'd love to know!

Take our poll.

Then, send us a picture – we'll post it on our Facebook page and on this site!

Just send us your pet's name, breed (if applicable) and anything else we should know about the costume. 

The precious pooch seen here is my beagle, Snoopy. This is his first time dressing up for Christmas – he did it just for this poll!



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Kellie Moore (formerly Kotraba) served as the editor and community manager of Columbia Faith & Values through summer 2014. Although she is originally from the West – Nevada and California – she’s now proud to call Missouri home. She currently teaches English at Fr. Tolton High School.

2 Responses to “POLL: Do you dress up your pets for the holidays?”

  1. wrdickson

    I have cats, and I want to keep my hands, so they remain unadorned.


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