POLL: Do you curse in public?

Do you curse in public? Are there certain curse words you just won't say?

Did your grandmother ever wash your mouth out with soap for saying a bad word?

Do you have “alternative” swear words you use instead?

Or do you let the F-bombs fly if someone cuts you off in traffic?

How do you feel about swearing?

(This article from one of our partner sites notes that many swear words have religious underpinnings.)

4 Responses to “POLL: Do you curse in public?”

  1. Jackie

    There needs to be a “not on purpose” choice. Even when I am really mad I try to not even curse inside my head, but every once in a while something will slip out. Typically in front of my toddlers, that way I can spend the week correcting them. “Mommy should not have said that.”

  2. Kellie Kotraba

    Editor Kellie here.

    Jackie, that would have been good to include! That’s kind of what we were going for with “only when I’m spitting mad,” but sometimes, accidents happen – even outside of anger.

    Some friends of mine responded on Facebook and said I could share their thoughts here:

    Richard: “Depends on the company I keep and the country I’m in.”

    Jessica: “I try to be respectful to parents and not do it if I see children around, but I think we react disproportionately to cursing on the whole. When I was a kid, I wasn’t allowed to watch shows with cursing, but I also wasn’t allowed to watch shows where kids were rude to grown ups or had other characters my mom didn’t want me to imitate. There are all kinds of ways to set a bad example, and cursing to me is lower on that list than most things. People of all ages are going to hear cursing, and it’s not going to be the most damaging thing they hear, so I try to keep it in perspective and give other people the credit to assume they will as well.”

    Kellie Kotraba, Editor

  3. wrdickson

    @#*! yeah, all the %^@#!&# time.

    But, as with Kellie’s friends, I try to be sensitive to context and company. And these days, I often find it more entertaining to use alternative oaths. Invoking deities from Norse, Greek and Roman mythology works well (and the adeptness of the characters at doing so is one of the linguistic joys of the “Spartacus” series), as does making liberal use of the made-up cursing vocabularies of SF/F shows.

    Ideally you use something the people around you will appreciate. Almost everyone will get from context what you mean by “frelling,” but it serves double duty as a sort of ping to locate nearby “Farscape” fans.

  4. Tracy Simmons

    I never curse. At least, I try not to.


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