Did you know Ramadan started this week? Here are 10 facts about the holy month. 

In Columbia, Victory Christian Church is going to start building a new church. The church will be built without acquiring land debt.

Victory Christian Church’s current building. It resides at 212 Portland Street Columbia, Mo. 65201.

Victory Christian Church’s current building. It resides at 212 Portland Street Columbia, Mo. 65201.

Mid-Missourian Spencer Allen has a new book about some of the often-misunderstood teachings of Catholicism. The book is called “Mackerel Snappers” and is sold all over the United States and Europe.

The Kansas City-St. Joseph Catholic Diocese settled a lawsuit that involved a teenager's suicide, which was allegedly as a result of sexual abuse he had suffered at the hands of a priest. 



An evangelical group has begun targeting people with Jewish-sounding last names in St. Louis through phone calls. The FBI says they are not breaking any laws, but the calls are leaving some people upset.

Last month, St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in St. Louis asked if they could exceed the city’s municipal code regulation for flagpole height by five feet at the St. Nicholas Family Life Center. The flags were dedicated to members of the church who fought for their country. This week, Aldermen voted to okay the flagpoles.

The St. Louis-based Society of the Sacred heart said that it combined the U.S. and Canada provinces.  They believe this will “allow the most efficient use of resources for mission.”

Last week in Midweek Missouri Faith Fix, we talked about the St. Louis Cardinals’ religious symbols on the pitcher’s mound – but due to fan complaints, they were removed this week. However, some find it ironic since the team plays in a city named after a saint.

Speaking of saints, the Catholic church is about to get two new ones: former popes John Paul II and John XXII will be canonized by the end of this year. The same day that announcement was made, Pope Francis announced his first encyclical – and the world of Catholics on Twitter was all a-flutter.

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