Midweek Missouri Faith Fix: betting nuns, and landscaping sheep and a sex abuse case

Two nuns with deep St. Louis roots placed a bet on the World Series this week. Both nuns have worked for Cor Jesu Academy in St. Louis County. The bet was proposed publicly on Facebook, spurring comments from former students and friends.

A former Roman Catholic church in Kansas City, Kan., has been approved to be added to the National Register of Historic Places. The approval was announced Thursday by the National Park Service.

Also in Kansas City, a priest charged with child pornography last month received 21 additional years in prison for similar charges in Clay County. The Rev. Shawn Ratigan pleaded guilty to three accounts of child pornography possession.

St. Louis Archbishop Robert Carlson is a subject of a lawsuit for failing to report a sex abuse claim in Minnesota in the 1980s. The lawsuit was filed Tuesday, listing Carlson as one of four church leaders who “learned or should have learned” about the priest’s unlawful behavior.

An Methodist church in Independence began using sheep as a landscaping alternative. The church has land too steep to mow and landscapers cost too much.

In national news, a Hindu man and Baptist woman wrote a book on how-to make an interfaith marriage work. Until recently there have been few interfaith marriage books.

The fifth annual Orphan Sunday coming up this weekend faces challenges this year. The Christian evangelical adoption movement has received criticisms.

The Air Force Academy announced cadets no longer need to say “so help me God” when taking their annual Honor Oath. Other U.S. military academies don’t include the word “God” in honor oaths. 

The National Security Agency spied on cardinals during the process of selecting a new pope this spring. An Italian news magazine released the report Wednesday.


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