Midweek Missouri Faith Fix: Student leadership, nuns in winter, prayers for life, and more

Aaron Underwood attended Skepticon 6, a conference he’d long been looking forward to, but suddenly had a gun pulled on him by a friend. Without a written policy, the members of the event did not reach out to Underwood, making him question why he was involved in the secular movement.

College students involved with the Governor's Student Leadership Forum on Faith and Values stand in prayer during the Governor's Prayer Breakfast on Jan. 9, 2014. FAVS photo by Kellie Moore.

College students involved with the Governor’s Student Leadership Forum on Faith and Values stand in prayer during the Governor’s Prayer Breakfast on Jan. 9, 2014. FAVS photo by Kellie Moore.

Students from Missouri’s colleges attended the Governor’s Student Leadership Forum on Faith and Values. The forum included helping at the annual Prayer Breakfast and meeting with prisoners from Jefferson City Correctional Center. The students said the focus on faith and values “created an atmosphere of vulnerability and trust.”

The American Humanist Association is now calling a nativity scene in southern Missouri unconstitutional. It has been on display for the past few years during Christmas, but the group no longer wants it displayed on government property.

While most childcare centers closed last week due to the snow, the nuns of Sacred Heart Villa childcare center continued working, in spite of weather. The nuns live in the building, which is why they say they never close.

Back in 2011, Bettie Calvert was put on life support. But after “lots of prayer,” Calvert began to recover. Now, she prays for 13-year-old California girl Jahi Mcmath, and hopes for the same happy ending.

The Archdiocese of St. Louis has been instructed to release over 100 names of employees’ accused of child abuse since 1986. However, the Supreme Court delayed the release “until further notice.”

University of Missouri-Kansas City held a summit against hate crimes. The FBI hopes to help stop bullying and hate crimes based on race, gender, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation and age. 6,000 hate crimes were reported last year, but experts think many more go unreported.

Dozens from Latin America have been logging on to a virtual synagogue based in Kansas City. Rabbi Jacques Cukierkorn is catering to the many newly converted Jewish in Latin America.

In national news, Secretary of State John Kerry visited the Vatican. He met with Archbishop Pietro Parolin. Kerry said President Obama might soon have plans to meet Pope Francis.

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