Politics And Religion Are Never A Good Mix

According to an article in The Gazette, religious leaders are starting to voice their frustration with the IRS. Lately, the government agency has been threatening to take away religious leaders tax-free status if they fail to avoid political speech. The threats also take into consideration the religious leaders influence on abortion, environment, and other political policies. Daniel Blomberg, the lead counsel for the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty in Washington, D.C. said, “If you’re a pastor, you can’t be sure unless you just don’t say anything at all. That’s how most of them respond. They steer clear of politics and public policy entirely.” However, despite these threats, religious leaders are generally allowed to advocate unnamed politicians on a basis of their values.


Do you think religion has a say in politics and is threatening to take way religious leaders tax-free status is too harsh of a punishment?

Gabbie Rhodes

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Gabbie Rhodes is a freshman at MU. She identifies herself as a Buddhist, though she's new to it and still discovering what it's all about.

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