Reach Columbia’s faith and values community

Advertising with ColumbiaFAVS cuts right to the chase: we give you prime access to local community members and leaders who care about faith and values news while you benefit from our ever-growing audience, our extensive social media reach and our highly regarded coverage.

The latest research shows that advertising on community news sites is effective because companies can focus on a targeted audience instead of casting a wide net and hoping for minimal returns. Business News Daily recently cited that “49 percent of small- and medium-size business owners praised local advertising for the ability it has to drive new customers to their stores.”

There’s no guesswork with Columbia Faith & Values. We walk you through the advertising reservation process from start to finish, and we can even design your ad for an extra fee. When your campaign ends, we’ll follow up with your ad’s total impressions and click-through rate.

Rates and specs

Not only are local ads effective, they’re affordable too. Advertising rates for ColumbiaFAVS are as follows:

  • $7 CPM for run-of-site slots, 30-day post
  • $20 more for our premium, top ad (static placement) 30-day post
  • $15 to sponsor the Quote of the Day; $50 to sponsor the Quote of the Day for one week (five days)

Specs: Ads should be created as 72 dpi, RGB, JPEG files, 300 pixels wide by 250 pixels high.

Ready to get started?

Contact Kellie Kotraba for more information, 573-882-3431, or email

National advertising

To add national reach to your campaign, ColumbiaFAVS offers additional advertising opportunities through our partner, Religion News Service.