The world of business isn’t a simple one. Most businessmen and women will be quick to tell you that if you want an easy life and lots of time… don’t go into business. Instead… consider that your desk job might be a better option for your lifestyle ambitions than you might think. What makes business so tough? Good question, i’m sure you’ll agree. To answer this, it really depends on where you’re coming from.

For most, running a private enterprise comes down to experience… or lack there of. Some people feel that they want to leave the relative comfort of working for someone else only to find that when they start working for themselves, they struggle to make ends meet. This isn’t a nice position to be in.

However, some people naturally take to owning their own business. These people are able to overcome their own fears and really make things work. Heck, some people flurish when they have their own business. For others, self employment is a natural career progression. For example, plumbers, electricians, plasterers and alike all start out as apprentices, learning their trade. Then, when they have enough experience, clients, and the desire to do so… apprentices either stay with their company with the hope of taking over one day OR starting up their own business.

Image result for businessSo the benefits of working for one’s self areobvious. Mainly… money. If you get it right… you stand to make a lot of money, which is nice. Also… and if you get it right… you can create a business that affords you time. Time to spend with your friends, family, hobbies… it’s up to you. The next point is debatable… but you can argue that you’re your own boss. However, your customers will become your boss… so there’s no shaking this concept I guess.

Remember, if your business can’t survive without you… then it’s nothing more than a job. What do we mean by this? Well, if your role within your business is to sell, administer paperwork, provide the service, make the products, etc… then you’re just doing another task like any other job. However, real business owners have set up processes and employed staff to work within the business. This leaves buisness owners to manage and… well.. own.

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How do you go about setting up processes for your business? Well… how long is a piece of string? Unfortunately there isn’t any one answer fo this as businesses operate in so many different ways. what works for one, might not work for another. So my advice is yo find someone who has the business you want… and ask them how they grew it.