VIEWPOINTS: If you could paint a picture of the Divine, what would it look like?

For centuries, artists have mused about how to depict an image of the Divine.

Just what does God look like?

Whether it's Michelangelo's commanding white-bearded old man reaching forth with a muscular finger to touch mankind or a wispy mist, picturing the Divine is pure imagination.

Maybe the Divine is a disembodied light or a bank of forbidding and majestic clouds.

The TV series “Joan of Arcadia” plumbed the thought that if we are made in the image and likeness of God, wouldn't God look just like us?

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One Response to “VIEWPOINTS: If you could paint a picture of the Divine, what would it look like?”

  1. roy

    Very loosely translated, graven images are a spiritual no no. One of those “thou shalt not” expressions. Not that I would imply this would put a person on a speeding toboggan straight to Hades, but trying to get an image of God is on my list of things to not do today.

    Notwithstanding, I do have what I consider to be an incredibly helpful VERBAL description – which I have found to have universal implications.

    Jesus said “Father”, and that does more to define that which I need to know than anything else ever has, and has not the drawbacks of attempting to grasp a particular image.

    Consider, if I did have an image of God – what would I use for the frame?


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