VIEWPOINTS: It’s a New Year! What are you most excited about?

It's a New Year! Happy 2013!

What are you most excited about? Is there a big life event, such as a graduation, a wedding or a birth?

Do you have a new career opportunity coming up?

Or are you just really excited about keeping those New Year's resolutions? 

Whatever you're excited about, we'd like to know. Leave us a comment, and let's celebrate!

What are you looking forward to most about the New Year?

One Response to “VIEWPOINTS: It’s a New Year! What are you most excited about?”

  1. Steve Swope

    LOL Excited about keeping my resolutions? That’s funny! I’m just glad I finally kept last year’s – to get into some sort of exercise program.

    But really, I think it’s nice to have as many opportunities as we can to allow ourselves a second chance, a moment to start afresh, a recognition that “it’s a new day and I can take a different course if I need to.” For me, the reminder that “today I can be better” is the best thing of all.


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